Valerie Morinville is dedicated to assisting families through the process of separation in the healthiest, most dignified way possible. Valerie prides herself on keeping the children’s interests forefront while considering each parent’s goals and wellbeing. Valerie works with adults who wish to separate and require assistance to create a co-parenting plan and/or maintain healthy communication; as well as with adults who have separated and find themselves involved in ongoing conflict.

Valerie is a Registered Social Worker (OCSWSSW) and an Accredited Family Mediator (OAFM). She has a Bachelor of Arts (psychology) and a Bachelor of Social Work from the University of Manitoba, and a Master of Social Work from Carleton University. Valerie is a founding member of Family Consultants Ottawa, and a family relationship professional with Collaborative Practice Ottawa.

Valerie has been in private practice since 2006. She closed her individual and marital therapy practice in 2012 to focus solely on assisting families through the process of separation. Currently, Valerie provides Consultation to couples who intend to separate, Parenting Mediation to help parents create viable parenting plans, as well as Parenting Assessments (also known as Custody and Access Assessments) and Voice of the Child Reports for families in conflict.
Valerie has extensive knowledge of the military family experience, having worked with military families in a variety of settings for over 20 years. In addition to her work with families, Valerie provided mental health education to military members across Canada from 2009-2014. As of 2014, she provides mental health education for First Responders and the general public through the Mental Health Commission of Canada.

Valerie is fluent and provides services in both English and French.